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Full of Little Imaginings
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[panel from "Blue Monday: Absolute Beginners" by: Chynna Clugston-Major...thanx for introducing me to the comic blue_infinity!]

Let's be honest. Do you day dream? Do you find yourself extending a situation beyond realistic borders where you have control and other times you don't. Do you feel you're walking in a clowd, able to stray from reality at any minute? It could be ADD, but I'd like to think - you're full of imaginings. Sometimes our day dreams reflect our desires and sometimes they scare us. Although it's ironic, often we seem to lose control of where our day dreams go.

I personally extend situations in any setting and imagine other things happening. What if this person came up and talked to me, what would they say? What if a plane flew into the building? How interesting can I make this scene by day dreaming. I mostly use this for writing. But I also notice things about myself when I day dream - stereotypes I make...flaws in my character. I find it fascinating and love to self analyze.

So the main idea - I want to see members try this little technique I do or make it unique - maybe you already do this...perfect! I put my day dreams in story form starting with what's happening in reality and towards the middle I change things. (similar to the movie Adaptation - those who've seen it might know what I'm talking about). Towards the middle I day dream. I use different names and different characters - even different genders for myself - to express this honesty in the best way I know how...through story telling. Maybe this is a way for me to be less embarrassed. But I think we all have a duty to ourselves to be honest about our faults and not hold back how we stereotype. Seeing how other people day dream will help each of us understand that humans are not perfect and that we all have flaws. Don't be embarrassed! Try incorporating a story to your day dream - you don't have to explain what truly happened and what is fiction unless you want. I think it makes it more mysterious and more exciting if you don't explain. And remember...make the character YOU. You should use different names and can use different genders. But know that when someone reads your day dream they will think it reflects your thoughts. And we should all appreciate each other's honesty and not criticize one another.

This is NOT a community to post sexual fantasies! Let's keep it clean. If you must be gory or have something significant about a fantasy that might be risque...then PLEASE put these behind an lj-cut with a fully explanitory disclaimer. Some of us want to stay innocent day dreamers.