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Hi! Moderater here. This is my most recent day dream/story. It's G so hope you enjoy! (btw, this is a rough draft...the writing sux! I think I could do better but I'm too tired). :P

She passed by the woman's table and waved - not even able to catch a hurried glance from the woman's wandering eyes.

A handsom boy in black strolled ahead in the opposite direction.
Amy squealed, he was so cute! Trying not to stare, she couldn't determine his age. Everyone she met in college surprised her when they gave their age - they all seemed to be older than they looked. (Her compliments were answered with the usual roll of the eyes and sigh, "You're just being nice.")

Amy noticed his eyes were focused on hers as they came closer to each other - still about fifteen feet away. She averted her stare, ashamed and tried to figure out what to do.

She gave up and thought again about the woman. Her pace slowed and she took a wary glance behind her. As soon as she faced the direction of her step - the boy was staring down at her. Amy was slightly startled and rightly so. She gave a nervous little cough that made her feel like an idiot.

"What made you turn around?" The boy asked casually as if he and Amy were already aquainted.

Amy giggled, "Honestly, I thought I was important enough to have that woman over there recognize me from before and flog me down. I was wrong." The words came out of her mouth so suddenly without thought that it made her laugh even more.

The boy smiled, "Hm...a girl who needs no introduction."

"Huh?" Amy didn't know if he was being sarcastic or if he was just insane.

"Well, that was just the most honest answer I've recieved from one of my quirky questions. It actually surprised me...and I'm rarely surprised."

Amy shrugged humbly, "What answer do you normally get?"

"Oh, I don't know," he sighed, "the pitiful stare, demeaning laugh and outright rejection. The, 'It's none of your business' comment...I get that one a lot, and other less satisfying answers." As he let out this last bit, he watched his hand flutter up in the air like a butterfly - as if he had no control over its sudden movement.

"I always wanted to do that," he whispered as he let down his hand.


"A movie I saw. Actors always look so interesting when they make wierd movements. It probably doesn't work the same for me though."

Amy laughed, "A boy who needs no introduction."

"Ah," Amy noticed a slight shine in his eyes, "Witty!"

The boy hardly struggled at his next unorthodox comment, "So, I noticed you looked at me longer than you looked at other guys passing you."

Amy frowned.

"Did ya think I was cute?"

She nodded.

"Do ya think I'm still cute?"

Amy grinned, "Oddly, yes."

"Well, I think you're cute too. I picked you out of the crowd to observe...so how 'bout a date?"

Amy scoffed, "I just met you!"

The light disappeared behind his intense dark eyes, "And now, back to reality. Why don't we start an introduction - I'm yearning for one...for the first time in a long time."

So...can you tell me what you think is real and what was imagined?
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